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Celia - Coromandel

Really impressed with Neville’s service, prompt and professional, not a big conversationalist he just got on and did a great job with thorough report and photos. Good service always stands out these days and Neville would be highly recommended in my books.

Anna - Coromandel

Neville was absolutely fantastic to deal with. He was quick to respond to our enquiry and the quoted price of his service was very reasonable. Neville was available to inspect the property within 2 - 3 days of our enquiry and he sent through a very detailed report within 24 hours of the inspection. Neville came highly recommended to me and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone else needing a builders report.

Siobhan - Coromandel

Neville did a thorough job for us & had the builders report to us within in hours of receiving payment. We were very impressed with both the time he looked at the property & the detail in the report. He arrived on time at the vendors property, and was there for well over 2 hours, taking photos & working his way through absolutely everything. Even the vendors were extremely impressed with him. I would highly recommend his services & would say he was worth every cent! Great value for money too! 10 out of 10!!

Nadea - Coromandel

Excellent service, I contacted Neville after hours with some important questions and it was not a problem for him to take my call and satisfy my queries. Job well done, will certainly recommend his service.

Chrystal - Coromandel

Awesome service!!! Would 100% recommend A Buyer's Choice. Extremely thorough report!!! Thanks again Neville.

Suzanne - Coromandel

Inspection was done at the agreed time, on time. The report was thorough & easy to follow. The inspector was was easily contactable, professional & very helpful. I would recommend A Buyer`s Choice to anyone needing a home inspection.

Elaine - Coromandel

Neville was able to inspect my prospective property purchase the day after I contacted him, which was fantastic. His report was emailed to me the following day and was very comprehensive! Full of photos and information. Most impressed!

Sue - Coromandel

I was extremely impressed with the details, photos and extensive comments made on our house inspection. The report was done fast and very efficient. The final comment detailed a list of findings that would need attention on the property. This I found extremely helpful as we would in the future go through each recommendation and carry out the necessary work. I would highly recommend Neville for his high standard and detailed reporting. Thank you so much.

Gabrielle - Coromandel

Great communication, professional team and the job was completed in a timely manner. Good follow up afterwards too.

Nicholas - Coromandel

Neville was absolutely brilliant. We had to move very fast due to a cash out clause in the contract of the property we are purchasing. His service was prompt and efficient and the report was comprehensive and easily understood by a layman such as myself. I will recommend his services to anyone I know looking for an inspection!

Andre Gillbanks - Coromandel

Very pleased with inspection, extremely thorough and totally professional. After having house inspected can completely understand the benefits to the buyer and seller, knowing that you are selling a sound home to the buyer gives peace of mind. Also giving the buyer the convenience to know they are purchasing a good home. A Buyer's Choice made this process simple and convenient, providing excellent service, what more could you ask for?! We are very happy customers.

Elaine - Coromandel

I was very impressed with the level of detail enclosed in Neville's report. It enabled me to make an informed decision on the property I was interested in. I wound ask him to do any further properties I am going to look at.

Lynette - Coromandel

I was not present when the inspection was carried out, but was impressed by the prompt response to any queries. The report was extremely detailed and included photos and explanations as to what was going on in every area of the property.

Shane - Coromandel

Re: Neville Smith. Neville was good value. Prompt, same day comprehensive report, easy to work with, and easy to communicate with. Had good suggestions when questioned about building possibilities.

Peter - Coromandel

Very pleased with service provided, building report was carried out the next day after contacting him, and a comprehensive report was forwarded the following day, Could have hardly been quicker!

Rod - Coromandel

Prompt and efficient. Provided a very comprehensive and detailed report (90 pages long).

Janice - Coromandel

Great service by this local business in Thames. Prompt efficient service and a comprehensive building report supplied. Highly recommended.

Terese - Coromandel

Great job done. Very helpful in addressing our concerns around the property.

Sally - Coromandel

Good service thanks!

Peter - Coromandel

Very professional to deal with and comprehensive report provided.

Tom - Coromandel

This was the first time that I've gotten a professional building inspection report done. Was recommended Neville and several others by the local real estate agent and we choose Neville primarily on the great feedback that he has gotten from others on No Cowboys. To be honest I wasn't sure that we really needed one, but am so glad that we used Neville, as he found items that needed to be addressed, that we totally missed in two walkthroughs of the property. If others are thinking twice about getting a building inspection report done, do not think that it is a cost, it really is an investment, especially when you think that your next potential home, is one of the biggest investments that you'll make in your lifetime. I highly recommend spending the money and especially investing in using Neville's professional services. His inspection report was through and helped us look at the property through a professional's eyes and made us aware of maintenance tasks that need to be undertaken. I'm sure that Neville's recommendations will save us thousands potentially in the near future, by undertaking the repairs and lessening the damage through weather, that he's now made us aware of. Also using Neville's service was hassle free. As someone looking for a property from out of town, Neville organised onsite inspection with the local real estate agent and we really appreciated him undertaking inspection in a timely fashion. Cannot say enough good things about the awesome and professional experience we enjoyed using Neville's service. Highly, highly recommend!

Peter - Coromandel

Great service, Neville was easy to communicate with and inspection was done within a few days. Inspection report was very comprehensive, with over 80 pages of information. Overall we thought the report was well worth the money.

Kevin Heeney - Coromandel

Fast, friendly and efficient service at a reasonable cost. A full report was given highlighting areas that needed attention. It was extremely useful prior to purchasing. Excellent fast communication.

Tim - Coromandel

Very thorough inspection, would recommend.

Margrit - Coromandel

I was very impressed with the high standard of Neville's report. Even my lawyer commented "I have never seen such a detailed report". He was very thorough and I would highly recommend his service to other buyers. Neville misses nothing. Thanks again.

Gill - Coromandel

It was a very seamless experience from the booking of the jobs through to receiving the very thorough and detailed inspection reports. We had reports completed on two properties and in both instances the standard of service and detailed reports was very high. Very easy and efficient company to deal with. Money well worth spending with this company, saved us making a wrong investment!

Brendan - Coromandel

Neville was excellent to deal with from start to finish. He is an absolute professional, and has a high degree of building knowledge and experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and would certainly use his services again in the future.